Vital Credit strives to resolve short-term financial challenges, with the answer in our unique service offering.


Unlocking SME Growth Potential

There is no doubt that small business is one of South Africa’s catalysts for achieving economic growth and development – government has prioritise entrepreneurship and the advancement of SMEs, and along with its departmental initiatives, other institutions are also seeing the value of helping SMEs reach their potential. Small businesses need both financial and non-financial […]

Improving Cash Flow in the Property Market

With the recent decision of the Monetary Policy Committee and the SA Reserve Bank to retain the repo rate at 7%, the economy is expected to remain stable, and with it, the property market. This is good news for buyers and sellers alike, as well as for estate agents and others engaged in ongoing market […]

Are You Ready for the Amended Credit Act?

The extension of credit is well-regulated in South Africa, and those engaged in formal lending activities have understood for some time that they fall under the regulation of the National Credit Regulator (NCR). This has not changed – formal lenders need to be registered with the NCR before they can extend credit. However, the official […]

Vital Credit offers financial assistance to relieve immediate unforeseen cash flow constraints, secured by a number of instruments, including the: